An Open Letter to an Ambassador

Dear Mr/Mrs. Ambassador,

There is something I have noticed about your embassy that really disturbs me. On most days, I drive past your embassy on my way to work or to visit a company. As I do so, I see a startling number of Ghanaians standing in the hot sun in front of your embassy.

I immediately read the temperature levels outside. 37 degrees Celsius. Wow! That’s incredibly hot. Even for the tropics.

I also notice that there is a lot of space in the yard surrounding your embassy. For the life of me, I cannot understand why with so much space, people have to stand outside in the blazing sun. A shade would be nice.

But  wait, why do the people have to stand outside? Should every one know that someone is applying for a Visa to your country? It creates an image of going cup in hand to beg for scraps from the master’s table. At least to me, and this makes me very sad.

I know that you complain a lot about the heat in Africa. So why should someone be subjected to that self same heat? Do you think they are used to it?

Dear ambassador, I am not suggesting that I know how to run your organization better than you do. I am only suggesting that you use a little bit of the money from the Visa application fees to create a shed within your compound. A waiting area would be nice. I assume security would have screened all applicants anyway. Besides, the people will eventually enter the compound so why not let them sit in the compound right from the get go?

I know, i know, it’s not entirely your fault. The host country in which you are has not insisted on your treating their citizens with some respect.

After all, the average politician does not seem to care so much about the people who voted him in. So why should you?

I really hope you will consider my ideas.


Someone who loves her country dearly.