Train Up Your Sons…

[Intro scene]  Kitchen is a mess; the living area is also a mess.  Mom hollers ‘Wake up! A woman does not sleep for so long!’

Sound familiar? Lets say you live with your mom, dad  and three brothers. Lets say your brothers are still in snooze mode since it’s 6am on a Saturday. After all, your brothers work the same hours as you do…. so why are you the only one [and your mom] who do all the cooking, cleaning etc?

It is because they have been trained to do so. The same generation that said men should not cry has also raised a generation of men who need and often have to be waited on hand and foot.

Most of us have probably heard our mothers shout ‘ wake up and cook, you are a woman… or you have to learn how to wash… you will marry someday…

I think and believe wholly in service and sacrifice in marriage. No marriage can survive if both parties will not serve each other. However, i think the traditional roles that have defined men and women for donkey years have to be made more flexible.

In our current world, it is almost impossible for the woman to be a stay at home mom or wife. She also has to work to bring home money.So why does a man come home earlier and wait for his wife to close from work and cook for him?

It is because his mother would ask his sister to make sure that there was food for him. He would not have to cook. He would not have to wash. There would always be someone to do it for him. BUT PLEASE, TRAIN YOUR SONS TO BE DIFFERENT! LETS NOT CONTINUE THIS TREND!

Why do we cook? We cook to be able to eat. Why do we wash? To ensure that our clothes are always clean…right?It puzzles me that we have trained our men and women to leave these essential things at the mercy of other people.

I look forward to a change in the next generation. Where a woman is not so helpless with her car and a man is not at sea in the kitchen.If you drive the car, you should at least know how to change the tire or know when it is the shaft that is broken or know how to fix a windscreen wiper.

If you want to eat, you should know how to slice the onions! That goes to the women of this generation too. Some of whose only preoccupation seems to be with Brazilian hair and acrylic nails!





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