Woman + Woman= Enemy

‘Women are their own enemies’. Heard this statement before? I have, and it galls me!

I am quite certain you know a number of people who never want to have a lady boss and will cite numerous examples and give anecdotal evidence of women not getting along to prove their point.

I have met countless women who have sworn never to  vote another woman into presidency.  During the last general election, I heard many people say’ Ghana is not ready for a female president’. Really?

I was recently talking to someone and recommended a female service provider to her. She said ‘as for me, I don’t really like working with women’ [wow!].

Today is International Women’s Day and I see women being given much deserved plaudits on social media and this makes me happy. At the same time, I wonder if we women are ready to allow other women to stand on our shoulders to reach greater heights.

I wonder what makes us so easily threatened by other women and their successes. Is it our upbringing that makes us view other women as competition?

I am tired of hearing how terrible female bosses are. I have had my fair share of bad male bosses.  I have also had fantastic lady bosses under whose guidance I flourished. I have therefore come to the conclusion that leadership does not have as much to do with sex as we make it out to be.I see many women all over the world who have done amazing things in their spheres of influence.

[Image credit_Google Images]

I think that anybody who wants to reach any great height must learn to deal with their insecurities. Insecurity is the root cause of the age old woman- to- woman battle.

Women are fantastic. The world would be a really horrible place without us. We add so much spice and life to any environment in which we find ourselves. I look forward to our changing this equation because I think it truly sucks. I look forward to meeting and working with strong women who are not intimidated by other women or have to make everyone else look bad so they can look good. I look forward to meeting women who do not have to hide their intelligence or be cowed into submission by other women or men.

Here is to a new generation of women. Women who are not ashamed to be who they are and who support other women to reach greater heights. Here is to a new breed of women. Take your place for the world awaits you.










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