Creating Alternatives

I was chatting with my friend Koos Smit and mentioned  that I was starting to sound like a broken record, another mad black woman with my rants about Africa and the injustices in the world.

This is how he responded:

‘I put my professional career on the line in the year 2000 when I told Eskom in SA at the World Economic Forum for Africa that they were messing up. They did not listen. So I created an alternative.

The thing is not to be a victim, but to create the alternative options and, if you are right, the new reality. So, relax, and learn. Just commit that you will make the difference

Yes, people react emotionally, but this does not help. Africa needs professional people that know how to solve the problems.

The challenge is to select the right issues and opportunities. Life is too short to focus on others. Make your own success. Don’t forget that time is the most valuable resource’

So, think about the fights you want to fight and then fight the right ones. Then you will not be a “mad black woman”.

Koos and a group of his friends went on to form a consortium and are now the first Independent Power Producers in South Africa. Read more about that here

So this is why I have decided to stop ranting. I have purposed in my heart not to waste a single moment of my life on any African Politician.

alternatives (1).jpg

I have decided to take steps in creating an alternative. An alternative where our lands are  not being sold to  the Chinese or anyone else who wants to take their fair share from us.

I think that we the youth of Africa have to create the future we want to see. We have to understand the problems facing the continent, decide not to be  a part of the problem but rather figure out ways in which we can contribute to the solutions the continent faces, one country at a time.


Africa has the most youthful population in the world. We the youth have to start preparing for the future, but it starts now. We have to understand that leadership is all about influence. Influence which we all have in one way or the other.

We have to first of all start by understanding that our environment is all we have and all we need. Development is when you use what you have in your natural environment and turn it into something useful.  Unfortunately, many of us do not appreciate who we are as Africans.We do not have enough confidence in our own abilities to create something from our natural environments.

We the young people of Africa need to go back to our roots because without history, you have no future. There are too many young Africans who have no clue of their own culture and therefore  have no roots.We need to study and write the stories of our fathers and tell our own stories.

If you do not tell your story, someone else will tell your story the way they want to. This is what has and is still happening to the  African continent. While our faces are being used to raise money, we depend heavily on the same people who are robbing our continent of its wealth(both human and natural) on a daily basis. This must stop! We can not afford to be the victims anymore. It is imperative that we educate ourselves and take action to create the world we want to live in.


I am excited by the examples of people like Mallence Bart Williams, Ndidi Nwuneli, Vusi Thembekwayo, Strive Masiyiwa, Patrick Awuah, Tony Elemelu and all other African entrepreneurs who are changing the story of Africa with their bravery.








10 Replies to “Creating Alternatives”

  1. The likes of you are what the hopes of Ghana is built on. I keep people like you because you carry the growth of Ghana. You put performance ahead of money to skin you knuckles to make the nation great. You always have my support Vic. Great work you are doing.

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