100 Things That Make me Happy

  1. Music…..(Outbreak Band, Lacrae etc)
  2. Quotes that make me burst into laughter
  3. Intellectually stimulating conversation
  4. Listening to Joyce Meyer messages
  5. Long walks in my neighborhood
  6. Hugs, especially from Henry Agbai and Esmie Adjei
  7. Maukeni´s delight when she sees good food
  8. Seeing my nieces and nephews running around screaming and having the time of their lives
  9. Curling up in bed with a good novel
  10. Exchanging ideas with Nana Ofusuhene Adane , Nana Poku Aboagye, Anthony Quarshie
  11. Spending time with Lady Omega Hammond
  12. Swimming
  13.  Poetry
  14. Chocolate
  15. Banter with Tetteh Ayitevie
  16. Banter with Mrs. Phyllis Henrichs
  17. Sleeping
  18. Writing
  19. Ice cream of all kinds
  20. Second chances
  21. Heated debates about Africa or any kind of conversation about African development
  22. Coconut milk
  23. Dancing to Latin music
  24. Meeting new people
  25. Hearing from God
  26. Those rare  but long conversations with Ebenezer Agbai
  27. Spending time with my sisters
  28. Riding with Mary Agbai to work and hearing all those stories…
  29. Chatting with Enam Dotse Woyome
  30. Hugs from Selasi Bedzrah
  31. Hugs, simply
  32. Novels by Chimamanda Adichie
  33. Ama Ata Aidoo books
  34. Books by Karen Kingsbury
  35. Phone calls from my mother
  36. Relationships that pick up where you left off as if there was no distance to begin with
  37. Hearing  Spirit say ´Have fun and stay funky`
  38. Talking to Debbie Adjei Godson
  39. Chatting with Jude Amoako- Adusei
  40. Spending time with Selenu Hodasi Amedzie
  41. Spending time with Seth Mortey
  42. The sweat that comes from jogging
  43. Romantic comedies
  44. Going to the cinema alone
  45. Asana
  46. Helen Yawson´s voice….oh mehn
  47. Black forest cake
  48. Chatting with Koos Smit
  49. The look on Sven´s face when he sees chicken wings from Honeysuckle
  50. Talking to Elisabeth Joan Quansah
  51. Worshiping in bed
  52. Lazy days
  53. Dreaming up new businesses
  54. Going to Ghana and checking of my list of foods to eat
  55. The energy that comes from a new idea
  56. Daydreaming
  57. Listening to Joseph Prince
  58. Listening to Tudor Bismark
  59. Banter with my classmates
  60. Smart women
  61. Waakye
  62.  Hot Kenkey from GIPC
  63. Banku and Tilapia
  64. Discovering new restaurants
  65. Bissap
  66. Pineapple and passion fruit juice
  67. Seeing the joy on my mothers face when i paid her a surprise visit last year
  68. Forehead kisses
  69. Did i mention bear hugs?
  70. Sexy older men
  71. Raw intelligence in men
  72. Men who support women
  73. Men with their children
  74. Accra Ridge Church Youth Camp
  75. Camaraderie
  76. Good looking men
  77. Gossiping about good looking men
  78. Croissants from Deli France
  79. Spending time with good friends
  80. Learning new languages
  81. When i make a sale
  82. Interacting with people
  83. Learning something new
  84. Chocolate Eclairs
  85. Men with nice butts
  86. Writing this post
  87. Reading the comments from my blog posts
  88. Hearing Victor Quagraine say ´Clap for Jesus` in twi
  89. Solace Rose Quartey
  90. Spending time with Mina and Viet
  91. Peter Oppong Bio
  92. Mawuse Akumani
  93. Anna Gasperotti
  94. Sonia Oklu
  95. Good perfume
  96. Good memories
  97. Mischief
  98. The little things
  99. Victor Esubonteng´s Laugh
  100. Listening to people like Indra Nooyi

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