It´s in you

She cupped my face in her palms and looked deep into my eyes.

It felt like she could see all the musty corners of my soul

I tried to look away, but could not. There was so much kindness in that gaze

She  gazed intently into my shuttered eyes, then whispered

´´It´s in you´´

Everything you seek

Is in you


I tried to explain .

No! i screamed in anguish. Can´t you see?

I have been stripped bare

Everything i held dear is gone

I am so alone in this strange place

I don´t want to be here

I want to be strong!

I struggled to pull out of her embrace

But the grip of grace only tightened


Quit searching she said

´It´s in you´

All the love you need is in you

You hold the key

You have looked in every nook and cranny

Except within

You have sought validation in all the wrong places

and its left you broken

 Baby,sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom

Fall flat on your face

So you can be made new

Dear girl, its all in you

You are more than enough

Dear boy, quit looking outside

Look within.

Free your soul

Love you

Because you are worth it

Baby girl, It´s all in you




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